Bye-bye Biden?

Bye-bye Biden?

What we’re about to tell you will likely not shock you.  Indeed, you’ll probably nod along in agreement.  Still, we want to remind you that you read it here first and to reinforce a theme that we have seen developing for some time.

So…here goes:

The powers that be in the Democratic Party want Joe Biden out.  They may, possibly, be willing to tolerate him for the remainder of this term, but there is no way they will allow him to be the nominee in 2024.  They have decided to move on, whether Sleepy Joe knows it or not and whether he agrees to it or not.

For those who may not recall, we put it this way this past October:

Just in the last week, President Biden has appeared to doze off between questions in a television interview; has wandered off in circles or into the trees behind the podium at least twice; has referred to the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, as “Rasheed Sanook,” and (as we noted the other day) declared that his executive order on student loan forgiveness was “passed by 2 or 3 votes.”
We have to admit, we sometimes find it hard to feel sorry for people who are braggarts and bullies.  In Biden’s case, however, the damage being done to him, his legacy, and the people he represents is so significant and so humiliating that one can’t help but be moved….

The powers that be in the Democratic Party pushed Joe Biden as the “only electable candidate” for a few reasons.  Most importantly, they thought he was the only one who could beat Trump.  They pushed him into the race – and hid his deterioration – specifically so he would win on election day and then would serve his term as a congenial if dopey figurehead.  Now that the important part of that calculation has been won and the figurehead part of it is failing, Biden will become expendable.  We’ve already started to see some indications that party insiders and media types are “turning” on the President, but the full measure of the betrayal will not be obvious until after the midterms prove his presidency an inarguable failure.
After November 8, look for stories about Biden’s mental confusion to increase in number and severity.  Suddenly, the “mean” Republicans who questioned the guy’s mental acuity will be swamped by mainstreamers and democrats doing and saying much worse.  The purpose of this will be A.) to dissuade him from even pretending to contemplate running again, and B.) to push him out of office before the end of his term, thus preventing him from being an anchor around the party’s waist in 2024.  Those who love him but looked the other way on the matter of his infirmity will find themselves out in the cold, as their sacrifices (of HIS dignity) will be quickly forgotten, and their credibility will be threatened or destroyed.  “Dr. Jill?  You and the Big Guy don’t really want Hunter to go to prison, do you?”

We were wrong about the election, obviously, but we were NOT wrong about the powers that be in the Democratic Party and their desire to move on from Biden.  As always, the most useful heuristic tool for analyzing the situation and arriving at this conclusion is that which we have used countless times before (and which we shamelessly stole borrowed from our friends at Epsilon Theory): ask yourself, “why am I reading this now?”

Why, for example, are we reading about Joe Biden’s classified document problem now?  The initial cache of documents was discovered BEFORE the election.  And yet no one heard a thing about them until well after the election, just about the time the new Congress was about to be sworn in.  Why was that?  Or, more to the point, why then?  Why at all?

The answer to this first question is so obvious that it barely necessitates an answer.  Why did the mainstream media and the Democratic Party and the federal law enforcement bureaucracy not breathe a word about classified documents until after the election?  Because that would have destroyed the narrative: good vs. evil; Trumpers who are reckless traitors vs. Biden-Democrat normalcy; threats to democracy vs. the personification of democracy itself!  They simply couldn’t have any voters getting confused about who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.  That simply would not do!

We didn’t hear anything about the documents in the first few weeks after the election for the same reason; it would have upset the narrative.  In that case, the narrative had changed somewhat, but it was still sacrosanct: Good defeated evil.  America and democracy had skirted disaster.  It was time to celebrate victory – despite, you know, the actual, real-life electoral losses, which included control of the House.  Still, the narrative was one of triumph.

Like most narratives, however, this had a quick sell-by date, and it was soon time to move on to the next one.

Unfortunately, however, someone got a little too far ahead of the preferred timeline.  Near the end of the first week of the year, major media outlets started pumping out stories like the following, which was published on January 7 and clearly originated with Team Biden:

President Biden’s reelection campaign is preparing to launch.

After months of “will he or won’t he,” Biden and his senior aides are readying the details around his 2024 campaign.

Multiple sources tell The Hill the president is planning to make his intentions to run for a second White House term public in the coming weeks, likely in February, around the State of the Union. 

One source close to Biden’s 2020 campaign with knowledge of the president’s plans said a more formal announcement is expected to come in April. 

Behind the scenes, his advisers are meeting with key allies and are putting together an expansive and revamped digital presence.

TWO days later, CBS broke the story on the classified documents that were found in Biden’s office at the University of Pennsylvania.


Now, maybe that was just a coincidence.  But we doubt it.

As we have noted before, we have no idea who the real power brokers in the Democratic Party are.  We have no idea who is pulling the strings in the Biden administration or who is pulling the strings in the effort to undermine the Biden administration.  All we know is that they don’t want this circus going on past January 20, 2025.  And to be blunt, we’re not entirely sure they’re willing to wait that long.

Stephen Soukup
Stephen Soukup
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Steve Soukup is the Vice President and Publisher of The Political Forum, an “independent research provider” that delivers research and consulting services to the institutional investment community, with an emphasis on economic, social, political, and geopolitical events that are likely to have an impact on the financial markets in the United States and abroad.