The Other Global Superpower

The Other Global Superpower

As the various vaccines for COVID-19 are rolled out and distributed throughout the world, in an attempt to halt the spread of the global pandemic, it is worth noting the differences that continue to characterize the two global superpowers.  The general mainstream sentiment is that the United States, with its political polarization and generally poor performance in containing and treating the coronavirus outbreak, is, quite clearly the waning superpower.  Meanwhile, China, which claims to have controlled the virus exceptionally well – sometimes by LITERALLY welding people inside their homes – and which continues to collect major foreign investments and votes of confidence, is the waxing superpower, the nation whose unique attributes will lead it to global dominance.  All of this, we are told, is largely undeniable and should, therefore, form the basis of any rational evaluation of foreign affairs going forward.

For our part, we think this assessment is, in a word, insane.

And the vaccine roll-out confirms our judgment, as CNN explains here:

A leading Chinese Covid-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech was just 50.38% effective in late-stage trials in Brazil, significantly lower than earlier results showed, according to a statement published by the government of Sao Paulo Tuesday.

While the number exceeds the threshold required for regulatory approval, it falls far below the 78% previously announced, raising questions as to the veracity of the data and fueling skepticism over the apparent lack of transparency regarding Chinese vaccines.

Bogus data and a lack of transparency?  In China?  Say it ain’t so!

CNN continues:

A representative of Sinovac said the company is discussing the result but declined to give further comment. The final efficacy rate of the vaccine will be determined by China's drug regulator, the National Medical Production Administration, according to the representative….

Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the US based Council on Foreign Relations, described the 50.38% efficacy of the Sinovac vaccine as a "disappointing" result that had caught him by surprise….

The Sinovac vaccine is also less effective than its domestic Chinese competitor, developed by the state-owned Sinopharm, which it says is 79.34% effective.

OK.  So…the “final efficacy rate” will be “determined by China's drug regulator, the National Medical Production Administration.”  Great.  We would have assumed that the final efficacy rate would be determined by…you know…the clinical data.  But, then, what do we know?

Additionally, the Sinopharm vaccine is almost 80% effective.  Or so says the company.  Which is owned by the CCP.  Does anybody believe that? 

Finally, the “senior fellow for global health at the US based Council on Foreign Relations” was “caught by surprise” by the Sinovac results.  Really?  Why is that?  Is he new here?

Whenever we see something like this – and we see things like this all the time – we are reminded of the story from the South China Morning Post, now two-and-a-half years old, that explains quite clearly, why anybody who expects more from the CCP is an idiot.  To wit:

China’s vaccine production and distribution system is beset by fake data and fraudulent labelling, raising the risk of outbreaks of highly transmissible diseases, according to industry insiders and health experts.

The assessment comes after Changchun Changsheng Bio-technology last week became the latest Chinese pharmaceutical company to become embroiled in a vaccine scandal.

According to the State Drug Administration, Changsheng Bio-tech forged data on the effectiveness of its rabies vaccines and sold substandard DPT (diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus) shots for children as young as three months old.

The revelations undermine China’s claims to have established a world-class “whole-life cycle regulation system”, controlling the research, production, distribution and administration of vaccines….

While there are no official figures or reliable independent assessments about the full extent of the problems, past cases have pointed to fraud throughout the vaccine supply chain in China, from laboratories to vaccination centres.

The head of one disease control centre for about half a million people said problems with the quality of vaccines had existed for a long time and “everyone inside the loop knows it”….

Beijing is trying to assure the public that the scandals are isolated cases and the consequences are under management.

But health experts said ineffective vaccines presented major dangers for the population as a whole….

In one extreme case, a staff member at the centre filled a syringe with water and sold it to a patient as a rabies shot, the source said….

It was also common practice to sweep the numbers for some diseases under the carpet rather than treat them, the source said.

“Basically, we did not do anything to prevent malaria and many medicines are stored in our station too long and they pass their expiry date,” he said.

“We dare not openly report malaria cases because once the number is known by others, we will surely be punished.”


For the record, the “staff member” in question is a Chinese government employee.  And he admitted – in PRINT – that he and others commit fraud on a regular basis, either by providing fraudulent medications or by falsifying disease numbers.  And did we mention that this guy is a Chinese government employee?

THIS is the state of affairs in the glorious panacea that so thrills the EU and the Wall Street giants.  THIS is the “superpower” that is going to take over the world and put the United States in its place.  THIS is the future, the way the world will be run once the remnants of jingoistic Trumperism is purged from the global body politic.  This is…a joke.

Today, we would likely not even have access to any of this information, in part because the South China Morning Post, based in Hong Kong, is increasingly pro-regime and thus pro-CCP, and in part because the paper’s owner, Jack Ma (and Alibaba), may or may not continue to draw breath, given his recent dealings with the CCP.  Above, CNN noted a concern about the “apparent lack of transparency regarding Chinese vaccines.”  Of course, it’s not just “regarding vaccines.”  It’s regarding everything.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll surely say it again: “when you invest in Chinese companies, you invest in the Chinese Communist Party as well.  And your investment is only as safe as the Communists allow it to be.”  The same goes for your health, well-being, and reputation. 


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