As some of you may recall, about a month ago, when Dave Chappelle and his allegedly “anti-trans” comedy special were the outrage du jour, we penned a long and provocative piece on the transgender “movement” and its ideological and cultural origins.  Specifically, we argued that the movement – not the people, mind you, but the MOVEMENT – was very much a part of a conscious struggle to undermine the institutions of the West.  We put it this way:

For roughly the last three-quarters of a century, American intellectuals and activists have been fixated on sex, sexuality, and sexual expression and have been resolute in their determination to define society and its inhabitants in sexual terms.  Their preoccupation with gender and with its supposed fluidity is one of the consequences of their sexual obsession and a reflection of their single-mindedness and desperate dedication….

For a long time, the cultural Left believed that the ultimate sexual perversity that it could embrace and use to undercut traditional values and institutions was homosexuality.  Note here that the determination that homosexuality could be politically divisive and politically profitable came initially FROM THE LEFT….

Contrary to the Left’s expectations [however], once they understood the facts, Americans accepted homosexuality as a natural phenomenon and refused to let the Left use gay men and women as a political cudgel.

In turn, this sent the cultural Left on a desperate search for other sexual outliers it could exploit for political purposes.  It settled on transsexuals, but even then, was thwarted by the American people’s kindness of spirit.  Historical transsexuality, a vanishingly rare occurrence, bothered almost no one – given its practical invisibility.

As a result, the cultural ruling class tried again, this time using another of its captured institutions, the educational establishment, to foster both false (and documentedly hysterical) identification with transsexuality and a radical expansion of the possible categories of the “queer” phenomenon.  Suddenly terms like polyamorous, demisexual, pansexual, and skoliosexual were everywhere, and the embrace of their associated identities was encouraged and defended by the educational establishment and enforced as qualities of the human experience.

Note, this is not to say that the individuals thusly categorized do not experience alienation or dysphoria.  They almost certainly do.  In the past, however, these experiences would have been categorized as “adolescent confusion” or “growing up,” while today they are specifically categorized as sexual identities by the political, cultural, and educational establishments for the express purpose of advancing an agenda.  This is a case of the ruling class fostering sexual identities that it can classify as “perverse” by traditional standards and then manipulating them to accumulate and exercise power in the name of protecting these perversities from the cruelty of the traditionalist, patriarchal, oppressive cultural hegemony.

With this in mind, we want to talk a bit today about a person called Allyn Walker.  Walker is a “non-binary assistant professor at Old Dominion University.”  On Tuesday, Walker was placed on leave by ODU, largely as a result of this video, which is about “de-stigmatizing” people who are sexually attracted to children.  Walker and the video became instant internet sensations – mostly by way of criticism – and ODU almost certainly had no choice but to try to distance itself from its now-infamous professor.

This is all well and good, we suppose, but there are several things worth noting about the entire controversy.

First, the idea that ODU would put Walker on leave NOW is ridiculous.  It’s pure CYA.  ODU and its administration knew for a long time who Walker is what Walker believes.  This video didn’t tell the administrators and faculty anything they didn’t already know.  For crying out loud, the reason Walker was interviewed in the first place was because of the recently released book (to which we will not be providing a link) titled, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.

Old Dominion’s president Brian Hemphill said in a message announcing the suspension that “This is a challenging time for our University, but I am confident that we will come together and move forward as a Monarch family.”  We don’t doubt that it is a challenging time for the university.  They got caught.  Hemphill and the rest got caught allowing someone who is pro-pedophilia to serve as a faculty member at their school.  We’re sure that’s embarrassing.  But don’t expect us to feel sorry for you, Brian.  You’re only embarrassed that you got caught, not that this was going on behind your back. You knew.  EVERYONE knew.  THERE’S A BOOK.  It’s not like anyone was trying to hide anything.  You allowed it, and you did so because…well…that’s what academia has become.

The second thing to note here is that there are a LOT of people on Twitter, for example, stating that this was inevitable and that they saw it coming.  That’s great.  Good job.  But again, there’s a book that gave the game away – only in this case, it’s Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization, published 62 years ago.  This was the plan.  This was always the plan.  And again, it was never a secret.

The third thing to note is that while Marcuse’s plan may be working precisely as he intended, it is not giving him or any of the other Critical Theorists what they wanted.  Again, as we put it last month:

In the aftermath of World War I, faced with the disappointment that the workers of the world fought that war against one another and did not unite, as their foundational theory had promised they would, the continental European Marxists concluded that the hegemonic, Christian culture of the West had created a false consciousness in the masses.  Therefore, the solution to their problems and the abatement of their disappointment should, they determined, be found in undermining that hegemonic culture.  In order to facilitate their revolution, they would first have to break the false consciousness by taking over the institutions of the transmission of culture and using them to awaken the masses to their true interests and true nature.

The unwitting devotees of Marcuse are learning what the devotees of Marx learned: that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him accept your stupid quasi-religious replacement for Christianity.  As we have noted in these pages countless times, Marx’s greatest fear was that he would get his revolution, that the workers of the world would unite and throw off their chains and all the rest, but that they would, then, refuse to become communists, that they would take their liberation and use it to indulge their own, narrow, personal desires, rather than build the “new man” and the new state.  Marx’s great nemesis (and former friend), Max Stirner, the father of egoism, predicted just this.  And Marx hated him for it – mostly because he feared that Stirner was right.


Marcuse, like the rest of the Critical Theorists, believed that the conquest or destruction of traditional Western institutions would lead, inevitably, to the long-promised but elusive revolution.  But that’s not what is happening, and it’s not what will happen.  No one cares about his grubby little religion.  Instead, what we’ll get is continued collapse into disorder, dysfunction, and social chaos.

These are profoundly perilous and profoundly stupid times.  Allyn Walker isn’t a scholar.  Allyn Walker isn’t a harbinger of revolution.  Allyn Walker is a weird, little pervert who used pseudo-intellectualism to cruise for other weird, little perverts.  And the nice folks at Old Dominion permitted this because they hoped – secretly and perhaps even unconsciously – that Walker was the one they’d been waiting for, the iskra to spark the revolution they wouldn’t want even if they got it.


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