The Total State and its minions strike again

First, my apologies for the inconsistency of publication this week.  With the events of the past couple of weeks now behind me, I should return to a more regular schedule.  Thank you for your patience.

….And now for something completely different…

Many of you, we’d guess, know who Nicki Minaj is.  Some of you probably even knew who she was before this week.

For those of you who don’t know, Minaj is a recording artist – a singer, rapper, songwriter – who has sold more than 100 million “records” (or digital equivalents) worldwide, making her one of the biggest female recording artists EVER.  She’s not a “star.”  She’s a legit “mega-star.”

We can’t say we blame you if you don’t know who she is, despite her fame.  She’s not likely to be your cup o’ tea.  She is, as happens to be the standard today, sexually super-explicit in her lyrics, dancing, actions, dress, etc.  Unless you happen to have kids or grandkids whom you are trying to safeguard from the ravages of contemporary pop culture, she’s probably not someone you’ve wasted much time fussing over or even thinking about at all.

Nevertheless, she’s even bigger news than usual this week because she’s managed to get on the wrong side of our national cultural gatekeepers and scolds.  How did that happen?  Did she come out in favor of traditional marriage?  Did she say she’s against abortion?  Did she do something completely vile and awful, like, maybe attend a football game with a Republican?

Nah.  She did something far, far worse.  She said something bad about the momentary cultural-Eucharist.  She poo-pooed The Vaccine. To wit:

Minaj prompted a global backlash on Monday with a tweet in which she claimed that a cousin’s friend had become impotent after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

“My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen,” she wrote. “His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding.”

Minaj encouraged her 22.5m Twitter followers to “pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied.”

In an earlier tweet, Minaj said that she skipped this year’s Met Gala because vaccines were required to attend the event.

“If I get vaccinated it won’t [be] for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now. In the meantime my loves, be safe,” she wrote.

So, in a normal world, if a pop-singer told people to “pray on” their decision about receiving medical treatment; and if she said that she, herself, might get that same treatment, but not for a stupid and frivolous reason; and if she told her fans to “be safe,” about receiving medical treatment, it would be completely and utterly irrelevant.  No one anywhere would care.

But, as we are fond of reminding you, this is NOT a normal world.  This is the total state, a society that has DEvolved so thoroughly into self-righteous tribalism that nothing matters other than how effectively and how publicly dissenters – i.e. “enemies” – can be pwned.  How do we know that Minaj is now officially an enemy of the ruling class?  How do we know that she is now a deplorable?  Because they sent out their spokesman – this doofus – to mock her, to attack an IMMIGRANT WOMAN OF COLOR for having the gall to contradict the ruling-class position.

In a normal world, one might call that a textbook example of the expression of white privilege.  But again…NOT normal.

So, how do we know about Nicki Minaj and all her travails?  In part, it’s all over Twitter – among other social media.  In larger part, it’s all over OUR Twitter timeline because the people we follow and whose comments are interesting and helpful to us right now are ALL “Nicki Minaj” to some extent or another.

Our favorite follow right now is Rose McGowan, the actress who, most famously, starred in the WB series “Charmed.”  Today, McGowan is an “activist,” where the scare quotes are used to indicate that she’s not a normal, culturally accepted activist.  Instead, she spends her time railing against, responding to, and refuting the culturally accepted members of the professional activist class.  McGowan was one of the actresses assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.  And her experiences afterward, when she spoke out about the assault and tried to publicize the abusive, misogynistic nature of Hollywood more generally, turned her into a…force of nature.  She is unrelentingly critical of the Left, of its coddling of abusers who happen to have the proper political positions, and of the hypocrisy on display every day by those who profess to be fighting for “social justice.”  She is brutal.  She is spectacular.  And she is NOT a conservative.

That last line there – the one about McGowan not being a conservative – is the key.  She’s not.  Not even close.  But because she dared to cross the left on a matter that never should have had political/partisan connotations in the first place, they hate her. H-A-T-E.  And they hate her, even more, today, after she pointed out that the ruling-class Left is doing to Nicki Minaj precisely what they did to McGowan.  They’re trying to “unperson” Minaj because she dared to cross them on their orthodoxy du jour.

And it’s not just McGowan and Minaj.  Our timeline is also full of tweets by Matt Taibbi, the leftist writer, formerly at Rolling Stone, who has become persona non grata on the Left for daring to say that Barack Obama was a yutz, Donald Trump was a dangerous yutz but not Hitler, and that Joe Biden is mentally unfit.  That’s all it takes to be defenestrated by the Left these days.

There’s also Glenn Greenwald, the super-leftist journalist who was once an anti-Bush, anti-Patriot Act hero to the far-Left but who has been ousted from polite society for his defense of free speech.  And there’s Andrew Sullivan, who was ghettoized for the same reason: he had this crazy idea that “liberals” should defend “liberal values.”  And the list goes on….

The ruling class and especially its dominant, left-wing faction doesn’t understand this about the total state: people have feelings and emotions, and they hold grudges.  If you make enemies of creative, intelligent, energetic, and ambitious people over stupid, inconsequential matters – like whether Nicki Minaj’s best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw some guys testicles explode at 31 Flavor last night – then you tend, in fact, to make enemies of them on other matters as well and for a long time afterward.

The whole thing is just so stupid and self-destructive – which is how EVERYTHING in American society is today because EVERYTHING is politicized.

We hear that Jay Leno’s revived version of “You Bet Your Life” will be consciously and intentionally NON-political.  Now, when we first heard that, we were disappointed.  Leno is not our favorite comedian, but his stuff on Clinton in the late ‘90s was brilliant, the best around.  On second thought, though, we realized that it really couldn’t be any other way. Something needs to be non-political.  And if it’s just a stupid game show revival, well, that’s a start.

Watch him get “canceled” and then canceled anyway.  Because “silence is violence” or some other mindless, destructive total-state trope.


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